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  • The latest chorus, specifically “It get a hold of myself rollin’, they hatin’, patrollin’ it trying to connect me ridin’ dirty”, has been an online meme within the picture macros.

It look for me rollin’They hatin patrollin and you will tryna catch me ridin dirtyTryna hook me ridin filthy (*4X*)My tunes very noisy I am swanginThey hopin’ which they went catch me ridin dirtyTryna catch me ridin dirty (*4X*)

[Chamillionaire]Grindin to find out if they’re able to select myself leanI’m color, which isn’t an easy task to end up being seenWhen the thing is me personally journey by the they’re able to select these types of gleamAnd my personal be noticed on the deck together with Tv screenNow ridin with a new hottie, she for example “Hold-up”Near the Playstation controllaIt’s an entire clip and you may my personal pistolla, posting a good jacker towards the good comaGirl you ain’t discover I am in love instance Krayzie BoneJust tryna bone, isn’t tryna have no babiesRide clean as the heck, therefore i bring in ladiesLaws with the patrol while learn it hate me (Know ya dislike me personally)Sounds arrived of up to this new maximumI got speakers, specific niggaz tryna jack having someBut i packin somethin and you can what we have to possess umWe’ll has an effective nigga locked-up in a maximum, security cellI’m grippin oak (Oak)Songs noisy and you can I am tippin slow (Slow)Twins constant twistin such “Strike it cash”D’s trailing and it’s really in lso are-throwedWindows off, gotta end pollutionCity changes identical to, “That is you to definitely producin?”That is the Gamble N Skillz whenever we out and you can cruisinGot is deserving of in virtually any area except Houston/ But I still ain’t losin

It come across myself rollin’They hatin patrollin and you can tryna hook me ridin dirtyTryna catch me ridin dirty (*4X*)My sounds thus loud I’m swanginThey hopin’ that they moved connect myself ridin dirtyTryna hook myself ridin dirty (*4X*)

[Krayzie Bone]I’ve been (Cenz.) and smokin, holy shit trigger I absolutely cannot focusI gotta obtain it family until the po-po’s scope thisBig ole Excursion simply swerve’n, the right up from the curb’nA nigga feel sippin with the Hennessey while the Gin againits when you look at the once more i throughout the windDon’t should last as i smoke to your bluntI roll a different one right up, and then leave it instance we ain’t givin a good fuckI got an effective blunt up during my best hand40 0z. during my lap, freezin my ballsRollin up a tree, eco-friendly makes and you can allComin’ rather deep myself and my personal dogsYo’ I gotta smack the straight back streetsWanted from the half a dozen-five and i also got heatglock, glock images for the stop, i slide creepPop pop music vow cops do not look for me personally toward lowest keyWith zero value on the legislation, we dodge ’em such as for instance, “Screw ’em every”But I will not catch up and you will raised into charges getting none off y’allKeep a gun in car and you may a blunt so you can sparkwonder if you want nigga they poppin dogReady or otherwise not, i bust images off from the airKrayzie Bones and you can Chamillionaire (Millionaire)

It pick myself rollin’They hatin patrollin and tryna hook me ridin dirtyTryna catch me ridin filthy (*4X*)My songs so loud I am swanginThey hopin’ that they went catch myself ridin dirtyTryna hook me personally ridin filthy (*4X*)

You would not consider it so, We tryed ta assist cha goTurn back at my blanker light, right after which We swang they slowand they disturb to have fa shoCause they feel they knowthat they catchin me with plenty of the brand new ate and you may dro’ (No)So that they get behind myself, tryna connect my personal tagsLook during my rearview as well as smilinThinkin they’re going to connect me on incorrect, it remain tryin (Keep tryin)constant denyin that it’s racial profilinHouston, Tx you can check my personal tags (Tags)Eliminate me personally over, make an effort to see my personal slab (Slab)Glove compartment, gotta rating my personal cashcause the jagged cops’ll make an effort to developed fastBein brand new balla that i am, I am communicate with him or her maybe not givin adamn about them maybe not feelin my personal attitudeWhen it see I ain’t actually ridin dirtyBet you will be leavin with an even madder mood (Hahaha)Then I am going to laugh from the you then I’ll have to cruiseYa my personal number 2 on certain old school DJ ScrewYou can’t arrest myself, also you simply can’t sueThis are a message with the statutes, tell ’em “I hate you”I can getting difficult tell ’em that they shoulda knownTippin off, sittin jagged on my chromeBookin my cellular telephone, findin a girl We need to boneLike it did not stop meI’m fight to pull upwards home, and it is to the

They come across me rollin’They hatin patrollin and tryna catch myself ridin dirtyTryna hook me ridin filthy (*4X*)My sounds therefore loud I am swanginThey hopin’ which they went connect me personally ridin dirtyTryna hook me ridin filthy (*4X*)